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48 Moika Emb., Bld. 6
191186 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7-812-5714778;

Tel./fax +7-812-3155321


Dean: Professor Alexey Y. Linkov (linkov@herzen.spb.ru)

Phone +7-812-5714778;

Phone/fax +7-812-3155321


·        Department of Theoretical Economics

·        Department of Applied Economics

·        Department of Economic Education

·        Department of Marketing and Strategic Planning

The departments share research on

·        The Competitiveness of Russian Economy under Globalization

·        Economic Aspects of Reforming Russia’s Educational System

·        Resource Provision for the Teaching of Economic Sciences 

     The underlying area of study is Social-Economic Issues in Systemic Transformation


The Faculty of Economics offers four undergraduate programs:

·        in Economic Education, leading to Bachelor of Pedagogy degree;

·        in Economics, leading to Bachelor of Economics degree;

·        in Management, leading to Bachelor of Management degree.

The graduate programs provided by the Faculty are: 

·        Economics of Education, leading to Master of Education degree

·        Institutional Economics and Economic Policy, leading to Master of Economics degree

·        Marketing, leading to Master of Management degree

·        Legal Framework of Business Activity, leading to Master of Management degree

   The Faculty also provides postgraduate training. The Faculty’s Dissertation Council is authorized to grant qualifications such as Candidate of Economics and Doctor of Economics. 

Prospective foreign-language courses for foreign students:  

·        Economic History of Russia (in English)


·        Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Potsdam, Germany (staff and student exchange, prospective research collaboration)

·        University of Northern Iowa, USA, College of Business Administration (staff and student exchange)

·       British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (prospective research collaboration)

International collaborative ventures: 

  • EC Tempus program “Development and implementation of effective sustainable structures for entrepreneurship education in the Russian Federation and Tajikistan” 511060-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-AT-TEMPUS-SMHES (EINSEE – RU – TJ). The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Josef Aff (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Dr. Ingelore  Mammes and Dr. Franz-Josef Kaiser (University of Paderborn),  Ph. D. Alena  Králová (University of Economics, Prague) and other EC experts. The project is being realized by seventeen organizations, including government bodies and universities in Russia and Tajikistan. The aim of the project is to introduce or modernize programs for training of economics and social sciences teachers in higher pedagogical schools and universities to comply with the Bologna Process. 

Coordinator: Professor Alexey Y. Linkov 

  • “National Economy Under Globalization”, an international conference series hosted by the Faculty, has driven a number of participants from countries such as Japan, Germany, Slovenia, China 


Of more than 1000 students studying at the Faculty, many have been active in the Faculty’s international cooperation. Some have participated in a number of exchange programs and summer schools organized by American and German universities, gained traineeships and internships at established foreign companies. A regular participant in the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) program involving over 150 universities in forty countries, the Faculty team has been a repeated winner in the national competition. As a SIFE Russia National Champion, the team has competed at the SIFE World Cup finals in the United States, Great Britain, Spain, Canada and France.  

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