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48 Moika Emb., Bld. 20a

191186 St. Petersburg, Russia

Tel./fax: +7-812-3129910



     Prof. Dr. Valentina Smorgunova, Ph.D. 

    Contacts: Tel/fax: +7(812)312-9910,

    E-mail: valentina_smorgunova@hotmail.com, prof_smorgunova@mail.ru



  • Department of Civil Law (private law enforcement; private security legislation; medical law)

  • Department of Constitutional Law (sociology of public law; comparative state studies; state and local government; studies in social and legal anthropology)

  • Department of Theory of Law and Civil-Legal Education (theory and history of law and the state; history of the conceptions of the law and the state; school mediation; educational law, theory of teaching law; philosophy of law)

  • Department of International Law (the ratio of international and national law; implementation mechanisms and enforcement of civil rights and freedoms; implementation of international legal and human rights standards; international legal standards to protect indigenous peoples' rights; international education law)

  • Department of Criminal Law (actual problems of Russian criminal law; contemporary schools of criminology; deviance in modern world under globalization; prevention of deviant behavior in Russian society; juvenile delinquency prevention)

  • Department of Criminal Procedure (actual problems of Russian criminal justice system, public prosecutor's supervision; criminal justice strategies; the practical issues of advocacy, problems of evidence and procedure in criminal cases)



      Bachelors Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Law

  • Bachelor of Conflict Studies

  • Bachelor of Education

      Masters Degree Programs

  • Master in Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal-Executive Law

  • Master in Civil Law, Family Law, International Private Law

  • Master in International Public Law, European Law

  • Legal History, History of Political and Legal Theory

  • Master in Criminal Procedure, Criminology and Forensic, Theory of Investigation

  • Master in Mediation in the System of Civil Legal Education

  • Master in Human Rights Protection in Education

      Ph.D. Programs

  • Legal History, History of Political and Legal Theory

  • Master in Civil Law, Family Law, International Private Law

  • Master in Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal-Executive Law



  • Legal Conflict Studies and School Mediation: Traditional and Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution

  • Basic Theories of Consumer Law and Judicial Practice of Consumer Protection

  • The Legal Status of the Individuals

  • The European Court of Human Rights

  • International Education Law

  • Legal Regulation of Tourism Activities

  • Criminological Analysis of Contemporary Crime

  • The Participation of Citizens and Legal Persons in Criminal Proceedings

  • Protection of Human Rights

  • The Problems of Leasing in Russia

  • Protection for Workers Against Discrimination at Work 


      INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS (professors fellowships, managing research committees; association managing; organizing scientific events):

  • International Union of Assistance to Justice

  • International Association of Law Schools

  • St.Petersburg International Criminology Club

  • International Political Science Association

  • Center for International Legal Studies (Austria)

  • The Mental Disability Advocacy Center (Hungary)

      UNIVERSITIES (students and professors fellowships, joint research grants; organizing scientific events):

  • University of the German Federal Armed Forces (Germany)

  • University of Naples Federico II (Italy)

  • The University of Hong Kong (China)

  • Inter-University of Macao (China)

  • Birmingham-Southern College (USA)

  • Fairfield University (USA)

  • The George Washington University (USA)

  • The University of Alabama (USA)

  • Western Michigan University (USA)

  • Princeton University (USA)

  • University of Helsinki (Finland)

  • Folkuniversitetet (Sweden)

  • Uppsala University (Sweden)

  • Sorbian College of Social Education (Germany)

  • Research Center «CESICE» Law School, Pierre Mendès-France University (France)

  • Research Center for Human Rights, the University of Potsdam (Germany)

  • Faculty of Law, University of Latvia (Latvia)

  • Department of International Law, Institute of State and Law, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan (Tajikistan)

  • Faculty of Law, National university of State tax service of Ukraine (Ukraine)

  • Faculty of Law, Vilnius University (Lithuania)

  • Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law (Germany)

  • Faculty of Law, University of Indiana (USA)

  • National Institute of Criminology and Criminalistics (Hungary)

  • Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw (Poland)



Publishing the scientific journal “Criminology: yesterday, today, tomorrow” (with St.Petersburg International Criminology Club. Coordinator: prof., PhD., Dmitry Anatolievich Shestakov, Tel/fax: +7(812)312-9910)



The faculty of law conducts various educational and scientific projects aimed at students and young researchers. The latest projects include training of school mediators, protection of human rights in the system of Russian education and the conflict resolution studies. The school mediation project has been supported by the Russian Foundation for Humanities. Its results have been presented during several conferences and other scholarly events, such as «Criminal justice: connection of times» (October, 2010), «The modern world: unity and diversity» (April 2010), «The law on alternative dispute resolution process with a mediator: problems and prospects» (May 2011). All the projects are open for cooperation to ensure their multidisciplinarity and usefulness for contemporary society.

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