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ADDRESS: 80, Moskovski Prospekt, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Tel.: +7-812-252-7345

Fax: +7-812-252-7345

E-mail: idetstva@herzen.spb.ru


Director of the Institute of Childhood – Prof. Dr. Nina Notkina

E-mail: idetstva@herzen.spb.ru

Phone number: +7(812)252-73-45

Fax: +7-812-252-7345

The Institute of Childhood is the leading institution in training highly qualified staff for the system of pre-school and primary education and vocational education, as well as in the research of the issues of contemporary childhood.

There are 8 departments in the Institute of Childhood:

  • The Department of Early Childhood Education, established in 1925.

  • The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Primary Education, established in 1986.

  • The Department of Child’s Psychology and Physiology, established in 1987.

  • The Department of Teaching Modern Languages to Young Learners, established in 1989.

  • The Department of Family Pedagogy and Psychology, established in 2004.

  • The Department of Primary Science and Mathematical Education, established in 1989.

  • The Department of Child’s Language and Literature Education, established in 2011.

  • The Department of Child’s Artistic Development, established in 1957.

The Institute of Childhood trains undergraduate students in two areas:

  • Pedagogical Education – educational programmes in the field of pre-school education, primary school education, early foreign language education.

  • Psychological-pedagogical Education – educational programmes in the field of social and pedagogical support of primary school children and psychological and pedagogical support of the family.

  • The Institute of Childhood also trains graduate students in two areas:

  • Pedagogical Education and Psychological-pedagogical Education.


The following master degree programmes are offered:

  • Family Psychology,

  • Psychological Support of Children in Crisis Situations,

  • Pedagogical Psychology,

  • Development of Children’s Creativity in Multi-artistic Educational Environment,

  • Innovative Technologies in Pre-school Education,

  • Quality Management of Primary Education,

  • Language and Literature Education of the Child,

  • Early Foreign Language Education in the Sphere of Intercultural Communication,

  • Intensive Foreign Language Training for Children.

A joint educational module Teaching Foreign Languages to Young Learners (TeFoLa) (25 ECTS) has been developed in collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland, it has been offered to students of both universities since 2010. The module is offered in English. The module includes 5 courses (5 ECTS each):

  • Theory and practice of teaching foreign languages to Young learners

  • Children as learners, especially language learners

  • European language portfolio for children

  • Research practicum in early foreign language teaching and learning

  • Teaching practice.

The module starts every academic year on September 1. If you are interested in taking the module, please contact us at: kafroiya@mail.ru

International partners of the Institute of Childhood:

The University of Eastern Finland (collaboration in research and education in the area of early foreign language education). Collaboration coordinator – Victoria Pogosian, Head of the Department of Teaching Modern Languages to young Learners. E-mail: pogosian@mail.ru

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Joint project “Children, youth and welfare in the Internet age in Russia and Norway”). Project coordinator – Prof. Nina Notkina, Director of the Institute of Childhood. E-mail: idetstva@herzen.spb.ru

University of the Arctic (academic mobility): http://www.uarctic.org/SingleArticle.aspx?m=726&amid=8089

Project coordinator – Dr. Irina Vronskaya, Associate Professor of the Department of Teaching Modern Languages to young Learners. E-mail: iravron@mail.ru

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