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ADDRESS: 30 Stachek prospect

Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 198097

Tel./fax: (812) 786-86-14


Director of the Institute - Ludmila B. Gashilova, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Tel./fax: (812) 786-86-14

E-mails: dirins@herzen.pb.ru, gashilova@mail.ru



  • Department of Uralic Languages Folklore and Culture;
  • Department of Altaic Languages, Folklore and Culture;
  • Department of Paleosiberian Languages, Folklore and Culture;
  • Department of Ethno — Cultural Studies.

The following programs are offered:

    Bachelor Degree Programs

  • Philology in northern studies

  • Ethnoculturology and historical education

  • Native language and psycholinguistics

  • Russian language and literature

  • History

  • Native language and literature (correspondence studies)

    Master Degree Programs

  • Ethnoculturology in northern studies

  • National — ethnic education

  • Foundations and technologies of decorative arts and crafts of the people of the indigenous peoples of Russian North, Siberia and Russian Far East


Directions of Scientific work:

  • Theory of decorative art: domestic and foreign scientific schools

  • The artistic heritage of the peoples of the North in the modern cultural — sociology communication

  • Social and Cultural Anthropology

  • Arts and folklore of the peoples of the North

International Partners: 

Institute of the People of the North has scientific and cultural connections with foreign colleagues, research, educational and museum institutions, public organizations and associations of indigenous peoples of Nordic countries, such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, USA (Alaska), Canada and Japan. The cooperation is aimed at the creation of common intellectual space of Arctic countries. Institute of the people of the North maintains close connections with the Association of World Reindeer Herders; International Center of Reindeer Husbandry; International center of education of Sami region (Inari). The Institute is a part of the University of Arctic under the auspices of this institution our Institute collaborates with the Institute of Circumpolar Reindeer Husbandry. Meanwhile, The Institute of the people of the North has close relations with University of Kyoto and Kobe in Japan, École pratique des hautes etudes (Sorbonne, Paris, France). Institute of the people of the North participates in different exchange student and stuff mobility programs with institutions of Nordic countries such as University of Tampere, Finland and Finnmark University College in Norway. Climate Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation among the Arctic Region Population" The Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) Oslo, Norway.

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