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ADDRESS: 30, Stachek Prospekt,

Saint – Petersburg, Russia, 198097

Tel.: +7(812)786-37-16

Tel./fax: +7(812)786-37-16

E-mail: fbg@list.ru

Dean — Prof.Dr. Peter V. Stankevich

Tel.: +7(812)786-37-16

Tel./fax: +7(812)786-37-16

E-mail: p_v_stan@mal.ru




Department of Social Security conducts its research activities in the following areas:

1.Life safety in all spheres of life: information, environmental, technological, social, community, education.

2. Patterns of development and the occurrence of various dangers and threats, emergencies of natural origin, emergency technogenic character, emergency social issues.

3. The development of the educational field of life safety (issues of social security) in the school system and higher education. 4. Issues of social deviation in the prevention of youth.

Department of teaching methodology of Life Safety carries out its research activities in the following areas:

1. Environmental education students of the Faculty of Life Safety.

2. Problems of safety training at school and university.

3. Problems of development of the content of educational and industrial practices in the light of the Federal State Basic Standard of Higher Professional Education — The Third Generation.

 4.Problems of development of the educational field of life safety.


Department of Medical (Health) — Valeologic disciplines carries out its research activities in the following areas:

1. Develop a set of tools and methods aimed at optimizing the mental working capacity of students.

2. Research efficiency tools and methods for preventing drug abuse learners.

3. Research of adaptive possibilities of learners in a megalopolis.

4. The problems of healthy lifestyle education of school children and students.


The Faculty trains undergraduate students in the following areas:

 Teacher education (1 course);

Science education (2,3,4 courses) (bachelor degree).


The Faculty trains graduate students in the following areas:

 Environmental Security,

Prevention of social deviations (preventologiya),

Education in Life Safety,

Organization Management Life Safety,

Safety in the information environment,

 Health-forming technology,

 Preventing drug abuse among the youth,

The antiterrorist Security of educational institution.


International Partners:


Republic of Poland, Institute of Geography in Krakow. Cooperation in the field of environmental education.


International projects and their coordinators:

The international project From Experience to Self – Evaluation. Duration of the project: 1-8 May 2011 Project Location: Eesti, Tallin, MTU Noortekeskus Vihasoo. Coordinator — candidate of pedagogical sciences, Docent, Department of Social Security Elvara M.Rebko, tel.+7(812)786-37-16. fax +7(812)786-37-16  elvira_rebko@mail.ru 

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