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ADDRESS: 48 Moika Emb., Bld. 2

191186, St. Petersburg, Russia

Tel./fax +7-812-314 -4615

E-mail: bio@herzen.spb.ru


Dean: Victor Nikolayevich Bredikhin, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Tel./fax +7-812-314 -4615

E-mail: bio@herzen.spb.ru


DEPARTMENTS (including academic area of specialization):

Department of anatomy and physiology of humans and animals. The department is engaged in research of the morphological and functional changes in various systems of the organism in the functional load.

Department of botany. The department has two primary fields of research in which it currently operates: plant biodiversity and protection, productivity of plants and plant adaptation to adverse anthropogenic and natural factors.

Department of zoology. This department conducts research in several areas including comparative analysis of invertebrate immune reactions, biodiversity, ultrastructure and molecular phylogeny of the lower eukaryotes

Department of teaching methodology of biology and ecology. Members of the department develop innovative technologies of training in the field of biological and environmental education. Another area of research is the improvement of biological education, based on a functional approach. The faculty members and graduate students partner with schools and community organizations.


The Faculty trains undergraduate students in the following areas:

Bachelor Degree Programs

Biology. Term of study — 4 years.

Ecology and natural resources management. Term of study — 4 years.

Biology education. Term of study- 4 years;

The Faculty trains graduate students in the following areas:

Master Degree Programs

Biology education. Term of study- 2 years;


Additional information

The Faculty of Biology provides teaching within wide range of biological disciplines, from genetics and physiology to ecology and evolutionary biology. It offers training in psychology and methods of teaching biology and ecology as well as long-lasting practice in the schools.

Our faculties perform cutting-edge research in a wide array of biological sciences in the laboratory and in the field. Research and educational programs realized in the faculty prepare teachers and scientists for careers in education, academia, and industry.

The Faculty of Biology located in three closely associated historical buildings in the center of the main University campus. It possesses numerous lecture audiences, modern research and training laboratories, Herbarium, and zoological museum. Faculty students are involved in laboratory and field studies, and actively participate in the social life in the University.

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