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Center for Talented Youth, Attracting Students and Pre-higher Education



48 Moyka Emb., Bld. 9

191186 St. Petersburg

Director: Andrei Zhegin, PhD (education), associate professor.

Tel/Fax : + 7 (812) 570 66 55;  E-mail: ab@herzen.spb.ru

Vice-director: Tatyana Gdalina

Vice- director : Tatyana Sokolnitskaya


Center (CTY Herzen University) was founded in 2012 on the basis of former Institute of Pre-higher Education and departments of external education and students development to integrate University’s resources and continue traditions of Herzen University as a pioneer of working with gifted children and students, which roots extend back to fifteenth years of the 20-th century.

Center has three departments:

Department working with talented youth

Department working with educational establishments and school leavers- perspective university enrollees;

Department of pre-higher education


The main goal of the CTY as a part of the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia is to identify and develop talents of school, colleges and university students to fulfill the university mission of preparing high qualified and creative specialists in different areas such as humanities, education, natural science, IT, sport, art, economics, etc.


Youngsters talents searching, identifying and development

Center organizes variety of projects with schools in different regions of Russia (school Olympic Games in different subjects), including National Russian School Olympics, when CTY acting as a Federal Coordinator appointed by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science.

Educational programs

Center runs educational programs for those pupils (K 8-11) who want to improve their knowledge and skills in different subjects and to know more about professions connected with specific areas of science, humanities and art they are interested in.

                Center offers preparatory courses for school leavers going to pass national university entrance examinations, including special preparatory programs, subsidized by the Federal budget for young people with special needs, young mothers, and retired military officers.


Center initiates and coordinates individuals and organizations projects and research focus on different aspects (psychological, pedagogical, social, etc.) of talents development. 


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