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The registration as a visiting/exchange student is done upon arrival at the University in the International Office. It mostly takes place on the first working day after arriving at the University. The student comes to the International Office to submit the passport and visa for registration, get a  survival orientation and settle other issues concerning his/her studies, accommodation and so on. Besides the passport and visa, the student should have 1 photo to get a student card (given only to students who are enrolled in a full-time course of duration not less than 1 semester). This student card gives access to University's student facilities and some privileges with the St. Petersburg libraries and museums. It is desirable for a student to have an international student card, for in this case it is possible to receive up to 50% discount in majority of museums. Nevertheless, the certificates or student cards in neither way tell on the prices for meals.

To enrol in a full-time University course one needs to present a certificate of a corresponding level of education (a certificate of secondary education equivalent to the Russian High School Certificate — for Bachelor's or Specialist's programmes; a certificate of higher education at the Bachelor's level along with the student's academic transcript showing the names of studied courses and grades — for a Master's course). These documents have to be presented as notarised translations in Russian. Candidates for enrolment should also have certificate of completing a preparatory university course from any Russian university. The latter can be substituted by a  standardised test in the Russian language skills administered on site. A  student presents the above documents to the International Office of the University where he/she fills in the application form and personal questionnaire. After that, the student has to have a talk at the office of the Dean of the Faculty where this student is going to study. The student should have the Dean's resolution on the application form. Then the student signs the study contract at the International Office, pays his tuition fee at a bank, and presents the receipt of payment to the International Office. Deadline for submitting documents is September 1.

Students in Bachelor's programmes can also start their studies from the second or third year, if they present an academic document witnessing completing by them the required courses of the first or second year correspondingly at any other university.

The preparatory university course designed specially for those wishing to study at any Russian university is aimed mostly at developing skills in the Russian language and acquiring orientation in the Russian university study system. Enrolment is possible throughout the year, but the payment is done for at least one semester in full amount.

Enrolment in postgraduate courses is done upon presenting a  notarized copies of  documents certifying the level of higher education corresponding to Bachelor’s and Master's Degrees with notarized translations into Russian of these documents, and abstracts from the student's academic transcripts showing the names of completed courses/subjects and academic progress/grades. The documents are submitted within the period September through March.

The Russian language courses of different levels and duration (from 2 weeks to 10 months) are held all year round, except the preparatory university course, which lasts 10 months and starts each September. Summer language courses are especially popular among foreigners, when student can beautifully combine classes with a rich cultural programme, which can provide the majestic city of St.Petersburg and its suburbs.

Another type of studies for international students either working on their theses or doing other special research projects is a training period in a  chosen subject. Such training is organised individually and can last from 1 to 10 months during which the student has counselling sessions with his or her scientific supervisor and works independently in libraries or laboratories and so on.

Enrolment for bilateral exchange students is organised due to the terms envisaged in the agreement of co-operation concluded between the partner universities.


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