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The University offers some additional services to international students besides purely educational ones.

Arrival/Departure Transportation

Arriving and/or departing students can request this service to be picked up at the airport or a railway station and transported to the place of accommodation as well as to be dropped off at the departure places upon finishing their study programme.

Cultural Programme

The International Office organises different cultural programmes for international students, such as excursions to numerous city museums, visits to theatres and art exhibitions, tours to the magnificent palaces and parks of the city's surroundings as well as bus or train tours to the oldest Russian cities — Moscow, Pskov, Novgorod, Yaroslavl and other places of cultural heritage.

The University also designs and conducts programmes combining features of educational and cultural character tailored to satisfy specific needs of the students. These programmes include lectures and seminars by leading University's specialists, meetings with external experts on the matters of relevance, sets of instructive and cultural tours and visits to the places of interests. Such programmes can be conducted not only in Russian, but also in other major languages — English, French, German, and Spanish.

Student Tutor (Supervisor)

The University can employ supervisors for student groups, who facilitate the students' acquaintance with the system of studies and university life and help them get orientation in the locality, organise leisure and cultural programme.

University Library

The University library is one of the biggest and oldest university libraries in Russia. It has a very rich selection of books, some of which were printed several centuries ago. Your student card allows you to use books from the main library and its branches at the other departments.

Supplementary Courses or Classes in Russian Language or other Subjects

There is always a possibility for an international student to improve the Russian language skills by taking classes additional to his/her major study curriculum either on an individual or group basis.

Recreation and Sports

International students can use athletic facilities, which the University possesses.

Catering Facilities

Most of the major University buildings have refectories, which provide a range of meal and snack services on weekdays.

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