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How to Apply for Visa

Entry visas are required for most foreign citizens coming to Russia. In view of ever going changes in international policies it is advisable to check up with the nearest Russian Consulate what current visa regulations imply. Nevertheless, if a foreign student plans to come to Russia to study at a Russian university, he/she needs a visa support from the university. It means that the university, after the student's study application has been reviewed and his/her preliminary placement in the required course has taken place, submits a visa application to the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia for getting an official invitation.

As soon as an Invitation is ready we’ll send it to students by express-mail (because Consulates demand the originals of these documents) and by e-mail or fax in addition. The students need to deliver the Invitation to the closest Russian Consulate with a valid passport and follow the next procedure. Be ready to pay the visa-fee which depends on the policy of each particular Russian Consulate.

The application involves filling out by the student a special form (given below in an appendix), that is sent by fax or e-mail to the International Office of Herzen University along with a legible copy of the applicant's first page valid passport.

We ask you to pay special attention to the fact that the procedure of submitting and processing the documents in all relating offices may take up to 1,5 months from the moment of receiving the student's filled form and passport copy till the visa is issued.


Visa Registration and Prolongation

When entering Russia it is obligatory to submit the passport and visa within 3 working days upon arrival (Saturday and Sunday excluding). Failure either to register in due time or register at all can involve fines and troubles when leaving Russia.

The students hand in their documents (passport, visa, migration card with a stamp of entering to Russia and 6 photos) for passport registration to the International Office not later than the next working day after arrival. All students should have a medical insurance valid in Russia for the whole period of staying in Russia.

Visa registration can take up to 3 working days; during that time the passport and visa stay at the corresponding office. That is why it is strongly advisable to exchange a sufficient amount of foreign currency for at least this period before submitting the documents. The documents, photos as it is necessary and the visa registration fee are submitted at the International Office of the University, and students get back their passports and visas also there. Visa prolongation cases are considered separately each time.

The incoming student's visa should bear a clear indication as to the inviting party (the Herzen University) and the purpose of stay (studies). This is a very important moment for visa registration of students who are going to live on the University's premises. Any other purposes of the visit to Russia and different inviting parties make it impossible for students to register the visas as students of Herzen, and result in extra expenses of time, money and nerves.



The Herzen University charges $20-35 (depending upon the number of days of stay in Russia) for processing the corresponding student's documents and paying due fees to the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Russia for preparing the invitation. The sum is paid at a bank or to the University’s Cash Office on arrival.

Tuition, accommodation, visa registration, transportation and organizational fees are paid in cash in Russian roubles through a bank or by credit card (Visa, Maestro) through the University’s Cash Office.

The cost of the visa is paid to the Russian Consulate Department in the relevant country.

These costs are not interrelated and are subject to change. Any other fees incurred in connection with either visa prolongation or any related actions are additional and defined separately.



Application Form for Visa Support

Download Application Form  (Fill out in block letters using Russian wherever is possible).


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