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РГПУ им. А.И. ГерценаEnglishThe Russian Language in Herzen University


The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia in St.Petersburg is one of the biggest and oldest establishments of higher education in St. Petersburg and in Russia. It was founded in 1797. Now it has 20 faculties, 138 departments,  and 18 thousand students currently studying here.

 Since 1947 the University has been teaching Russian to foreign students. The Faculty of Russian as a Foreign Language have trained thousands of foreign specialists in Russian Philology and specialists in other areas with the knowledge of Russian for universities and colleges all over the world.



The University offers various educational programs:


Short-term training programs (2 weeks through 10 months) for different levels of language skills.

Preparatory course for those wishing to further study in Russian higher schools (35 weeks).

Bachelor, Master and Post-graduate (Doctor) courses in Russian as a Foreign Language.




The instruction is given by highly competent and efficient professors with a lot of experience in applying the latest educational techniques to teaching Russian to foreign students. The courses are conducted throughout the year and anyone can begin studying at the most suitable time.

We can offer you not only a language instruction but also programs in Russian Literature, History and Culture, as well as a rich cultural program which includes visits to the local theaters, concert-halls, museums, exhibitions and sightseeing tours of the city and the royal palaces and parks in the environs of St.Petersburg.

The University will provide accommodation for you at the University hotel, visa support, meeting and seeing-off in St.Petersburg.

Herzen University and its hotel are located in the historic center of St.-Petersburg, close to Nevsky Prospect, right behind the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, within 5-15 minute walk of the main sightseeing, historic and cultural places in the city. In the hotel there is a canteen, bar, food shop, beauty parlor, laundry, locker room and a billiard hall.

You can ask for more details at the Initernational Office to the name of Yulia Komarova, Acting Vice-rector for International Cooperation. 




provide an intensive course of Russian at different levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. All the programs include classes of developing speaking and listening skills, vocabulary extenuation, grammar, phonetics, stylistics, reading the Russian press, Russian civilization, Russian culture, Russian history, politology and an audio-visual course. You can select the classes you are interested in as well as the number of hours for each of them.

As the classes are oriented to practical activities, they are held either in small groups of students of 2, 3, 4-8 people or individually. A minimum number of classes is 20 hours per week for group studies and 8 hours per week for individual tuition. But the student can ask for more classes or change subjects before or during the course.

We offer a few standard programs according to students' level defined at preliminary testing. Here are some short descriptions of the typical courses listing the subjects and amounts of hours a week per each.

THE BEGINNER LEVEL -  intensive course for complete or false beginners


Speech Practice 10 hrs
Grammar   6 hrs
Phonetics   4 hrs

provides students with those speaking, listening, writing and reading skills which will allow him to communicate with native speakers at a rather elementary level or to bring into order and improve the basic knowledge of Russian grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and stylistics; to further develop speaking, listening, writing and reading skills and to introduce students to Russian culture and literature.


THE INTERMEDIATE LEVEL — intensive improvement course


Speech Practice 8 hrs
Grammar   4 hrs
Phonetics   4 hrs
Country studies   2 hrs
Audio-visual course    2 hrs

The course objective for those, who have studied Russian for two years and have steady beginner level, is to further develop communicative skills, to improve and extend the knowledge of Russian grammar, vocabulary, stylistics, phonetics and to give students a better idea of Russian culture and literature.


THE ADVANCED LEVEL — intensive course oriented to professional interests of students


Speech Practice 6 hrs
Grammar   4 hrs
Phonetics   4 hrs
Country studies   2 hrs
Audio-visual course    2 hrs
Russian press   2 hrs
Politology or Russian history 2 hrs

This course was designed for students with intermediate skills in Russian language. is to improve and extend the knowledge of Russian vocabulary, grammar, stylistics and phonetics, to further develop the communicative skills and speech habits and to offer students an opportunity to learn much more about Russian culture, literature and history.

At your request, the programs that we offer can be adjusted to your academic, scientific or professional interests. We also would be pleased to offer you theoretical courses in Linguistics, Russian Literature, Russian History, Russian Culture and Methods of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language.

On completion of this level, students receive a certificate that confirms their having studied at Herzen  University with the indication of the number of hours in the course; official evaluation of the acquired knowledge and skills is also possible.



Enrollment and stay at the Courses of Russian in Herzen University


  • To enroll you  have to send to our fax + 7 812 314 7654 or e-mail an application either in Russian or in English stating your name, period of your study, study option (group/individual), stay option (bed/room in our hostel). This should better be done no later than 2,5 months  before your planned date to begin the course.
  • Within a few days upon receiving this we shall send you the questionnaire for making invitation which you need to fill in and to send us with the copy of your passport by fax or e-mail.
  • As soon as an Invitation is ready we’ll send it to you by post (because Consulates demands the originals of these documents) and by e-mail in addition. You need to deliver the Invitation to the closest Russian Consulate with a  valid passport and follow next procedure. Be ready to pay the visa-fee which depends on the policy of each particular Consulate.
  • Confirm the date of your arrival 5-7 days before. If you want to be picked up at the airport/railway station, point out the time and your flight/train number, then you will be met by a person carrying a board saying "Herzen  University and transported to the hostel.
  • On the next day after arrival (except weekends) you should come to the International Office of the University (the same building as the hostel) to sign and pay the contract, submit the passport and visa for visa registration, and pay all due fees.
  • Tuition, accommodation, visa registration, transportation and organizational fees are paid in cash in Russian rubles or by credit card (Visa, Maestro)  through a bank.
  • After signing the contract and paying all due fees you will take testing, be placed into a group and begin classes.
  • While completing the course you should notify the International Office  whether you need seeing-off to the airport/railway station no later than 5 work days before your departure.



The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

International Office

6 Kazanskaya (Plekhanova) st.,

St.Petersburg, 191186,  Russia

Tel.: +7 (812) 314 7473

Fax: +7 (812) 314 7654

E-mails:  dshumakova@herzen.spb.ru


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